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The highly acclaimed EMPOWER program is now available for Christian families throughout our nation.


The EMPOWER program is designed to help advance Mental Health, strengthen faith and enable emotional wellbeing in times of crisis.

Best of Science and Scripture.

Combining empirical research and Biblical wisdom to build resilience and promote recovery from high-impact life events.

Developed by Leading Experts.

Developed by experts in Mental Health, Trauma Counselling and Family Therapy, and presented by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Robi Sonderegger.

About this highly acclaimed program.

The practical strategies and life skills taught in the EMPOWER program are designed to help you to develop emotional resilience, enhance your personal capacity to manage critical incidents, and where applicable, facilitate recovery from high-impact life events. Countess thousands of people from all over the world have already benefited from this educational program. We pray it will be of great value to you too.

This modified, online edition of EMPOWER, is presented from a Biblical world-view, combining the best of science and scripture.

Meet your Instructor

Dr Robi Sonderegger

The EMPOWER program is presented by internationally renowned Clinical Psychologist, Dr Robi Sonderegger. As a highly sought after keynote speaker, Dr Robi has presented to more than 1.5 million people in 25+ countries. Hundreds of thousands of participants have graduated from his evidence-based programs. Dr Robi tackles hard-core issues in original, educational and highly entertaining ways. Dr Robi is a devoted husband and father of five children.

What can you expect from EMPOWER?

Engaging Video

12x highly engaging presentations, providing biblical wisdom and cutting-edge insights into mental health.

Practical Activities

Each session is accompanied by downloadable workbook activity sheets, that summarize and reinforce key lessons.

Easy to follow

EMPOWER take complex concepts and presents them in both simple and fun ways that are easy to understand.

Friends make it fun

You can compete the program on your own, with a friend, as a family or with a small group (i.e., class or connect group).

Education, not Therapy

While it may be ‘therapeutic’ to be equipped and inspired, EMPOWER is not a therapy program. At no time will you be asked to lay down on a therapist couch.

Pace Yourself

This program allows you to learn at your own pace. You may complete the entire program in a day or over several weeks.

Bobby Houston

Snr Pastor, Hillsong Church

“If ever we needed minds confident and at rest, it is now.  In a world of increasing mental ill-health, the realm of the soul and the mind needs essential knowledge and wisdom. I am confident that Dr Robi’s professional insight, plus his grasp of biblical principals will bring much needed help to the table.”

Wayne Alcorn

National President, Australian Christian Churches

“The EMPOWER Program is a necessary and timely resource for churches everywhere as society struggles with increasing mental health issues. I am glad to be able to share Dr Robi’s program with our pastors and leaders in the Australian Christian Churches.”

Mark & Jemima Varughese

Snr Leaders, Kingdomcity

“The vaccine we really need in this hour is the Word of God, heard clearly and applied daily and to that end we highly recommend as a spiritual supplement, this practical and powerful program by Dr Robi Sonderegger for everyone, everywhere.”

Paul deJong

Senior Pastor, LIFE NZ

“This is a brilliant resource that empowers individuals with a pathway to address the very real challenges of mental health. It is something we will be utilising here at LIFE, I would encourage anyone who journeys with people to do the same.”

Empower Yourself and Enrol Now.

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